Virgin Sangria

See!!!  I told you I would provide you with a nice refreshing drink to help cool you off.  Well at least it is helping me at the moment.

Shaun and I both took off of work today dedicating it all to baby Olivia.  We did a day care interview this morning followed by a trip to Sherwin Williams to pick out paint selections for her room.  Not even sure I got the right color combo but I don’t think Shaun is going to let me go back to change it up.  To be honest I still don’t even know how I even want her room.  All I do know that is if I don’t get something done this month I will not get it done at all before she comes.

This afternoon we went to our second day care interview followed by an exhausting trip to Babies R Us.  I kept having to take breaks every 30 minutes because my feet were hurting so bad.  The good news is that we finished our registry without even yelling or arguing once with each other.  I think we both just wanted to get it done as soon as possible.  After our 2 hour adventure at Babies R Us we headed home to hang with the dogs.  By that I mean change into pj’s by 4 o’clock and take an hour nap.

Before I fell asleep with the dogs I made a big ol’ glass of virgin sangria which was the perfect end to my day.  Ok, maybe not day but my afternoon!


Virgin Sangria


3 1/2 cups Welch’s White Grape Peach Mango Juice
1 1/2 cups Apple Juice
2 cups Sprite
1 lemon, thinly sliced
1 lime, thinly sliced
1 orange, thinly sliced
1 apple, cored and cut into slices
1 cup whole cherries
1/2 cup pineapple, chunks
juice from 1/2 lemon
2 tsp sugar
club soda


In large pitcher add all of the juices and sprite.
Slice up all the fruit and at it to the juice.
Mix in the sugar and refrigerate overnight.
Fill up wine glass 3/4 full with fruit, juice and ice then top it off with a splash of club soda and stir.

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Virgin Sangria

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