Shaun and I got back from Italy this past weekend.  We needed a full two days just to recoup from our vacation.  The trip included Venice, Florence and Rome and it was a total of 9 days.  Today I will talk about our time in Venice and Florence and then touch on Rome tomorrow since we spent most of our time there.


Venice was our first stop!  I absolutely loved the city on water.  The picture above is showing the Grand Canal at night right beside our hotel.  Let me start off by saying that the Italians were super sweet to us and that they all spoke English quite well.  Even the menu’s had Italian writing and then right below it was in English.  We still tried as much as we could to give them a little Italian back to them.  The photos posted below are from our time in Venice. The first is me on a a really big bridge, then St. Mark’s Basilica, really good gelato, opening of the grand canal, and some of the best pizza we had on our trip.
**********************************************************************************We then moved on to Florence, Italy.  The weather dropped a good 15-20 degrees from Venice to Florence but we didn’t let that dampen our mood.  There are so many historic buildings to look at in Florence from some of the greatest sculptures of all time.  We got to see the tomb of Michelangelo and Galileo and some magnificent churches.  Here are some photos of Florence. 

 Above: Shaun in front of the St. Maria Church

To the Right: Michelangelo’s tomb

Below:Galileo’s tomb

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