Sometimes when you make sandwiches/wraps you want to go a little fancier than usual and that’s what I did tonight.  I love the turkey wrap from Jason’s Deli, so I decided to make my own version of the wrap.  Fancy turkey wrap for dinner here I come!  ENJOY!!!

Yield: 2 sandwiches

Turkey Wrap

Turkey Wrap


In small mixing bowl add ranch, cream cheese, and basil; mix well
Heat sauce pan on medium heat and slightly heat each side of the tortilla
Remove and place on flat surface
Spread the ranch mixture onto the tortilla and leave about an inch around the edge
Top with the following alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, cheese and avocado
Sprinkle a little salt and pepper and then top with meat
Roll it up tightly then wrap with saran wrap and place in refrigerator for at least 20 minutes
Cut in half and serve

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3 comments on “Turkey Wrap”

  1. That looks amazing and I am going to try this for sure. Don’t you just love Jason’s Deli.

  2. That wrap sounds so healthy and delicious! I’d love something like that for a well-rounded lunch.

    Oh, and Jason’s Deli totally rocks! 😀

  3. I am totally going to make this with veggie turkey! YUM!

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