Thin Mint Popsicles

In the summers I used to visit my grandparents house for weeks at a time. That meant early mornings checking out the tiny baby piglets, playing on a large butane tank, hanging clothes on a clothes pin line, dominoes after the lunch time nap, the hidden drawer of candy and trip to DQ for dinner. There was always something to do at their house and my aunt and uncle just lived on the other side of the cotton patch from them.


Lunchtime always meant you would have something for dessert alongside your newly opened can of coca cola. Lemon cake and sugar cookies were always seen sitting on the table. Lunches were simple and usually consisted of a sandwich with bread right out of the toaster oven or some kind of meat with fresh vegetables. Then it was off to the couch or guest bedroom to take an hour nap. I was always that kid that loved taking naps and I still do to this day.

Thin Mint Popsicles

This past Friday I lost my grandfather at the age of 93. In fact we had just celebrated his birthday the following weekend. He was a very simple man who loved to wear overalls, a cap, boots and his closet possessed only these items and a suit for his weekly church visit. There was no dishwasher, no grand TV, no cell phone and you can bet that he never played around on a computer or took a ride on an airplane. His life was simple and I love him for it.

I may not be able to sit at his table anymore for a piece of lemon cake or a sugar cookie but I’m happy that he is now reunited with his heavenly Father. These memories just make me realize how important it is to create your own with your family. So today I’m sharing these Thin Mint Popsicles in his memory for his sweet tooth that never passed up a dessert.


Love you grandpa…

ENJOY ~ Meagan

Thin Mint Popsicles

Thin Mint Popsicles


  • 2 1/2 cups vanilla ice cream
  • green gel food coloring (depends on color you want)
  • 10 thin mint cookies
  • 1/4 cup milk


Place all ingredients into a food blender.  Pulse or blend until all cookie pieces are broken up.

Pour or spoon into a popsicle holder.  Place in the freezer for at least 6 hours before serving.

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5 comments on “Thin Mint Popsicles”

  1. I was so sorry to hear about your grandfathers passing. Just know that his light will continue to shine through you and your family, especially when you make dessert. Love you friend!

  2. I lost my grandpa almost 7 years ago and it’s still hard to believe he’s gone. I’m really sorry for your loss. These popsicles are a lovely way to celebrate his memory.

  3. I’m so sorry about your gramps, but he clearly made a positive impact on you and you’ll carry those wonderful memories forever. I mean, who wouldn’t love a guy that has dessert with lunch! He’s my kinda guy!! {HUGS}

  4. I’m so sorry about your grandpa 🙁 Those weekends sound magical and I’m sure he enjoyed his time with you as much as you did <3

    and these thin mint popsicles look like the most perfect and delicious way to honor him! I love love love how you reimagined thin mints into popsicle form!

  5. What a great recipe to remember your grandpa. I also grew up playing on a big propane tank next to a field, and would have loved these popsicles then too 🙂

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