Sausage and cheese stuffed pretzels

I keep telling myself that its almost the weekend.  Yes, its only Wednesday but I’m ready for Easter.  Family time, good food and time to reflect on my faith with the completion of Holy Week.

We are also hiding eggs for the first time with Olivia.  I’m hoping that she actually goes to seek the eggs instead of getting side tracked.  Besides the eggs I’m putting together a cute basket full of Sophia the First toys (favorite show) and a stuffed bunny.  She also loves Frozen but I didn’t want to venture out to buy those toys because they are selling out like crazy.  We already own the movie and an outfit.      

The good news about this weekend is that rain is in our forecast.  God will hopefully send some precious rain on Easter and we can celebrate.

Sausage and cheese stuffed pretzels

You can also celebrate with this easy sausage and cheese stuffed pretzels.  Everyone loves pretzels so why not stuff them like a pizza and keep the whole puff to yourself.  They’re great if you want something for the next day and you can just pop one in the microwave.  To me this stuffed pretzels is the best of everything because I get my bread fix with a  pretzel and then its stuffed with all of my favorites.  Then you have this cheese that just oozes when you split it open.  Ummm hello………

ENJOY ~ Meagan

For the recipe please check it out on SheKNOWS.

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9 comments on “Sausage and cheese stuffed pretzels”

  1. I’ll be hip hopping over to see the recipe, looks totally decadent.

  2. I’m looking forward to the weekend too. These stuffed pretzels may be elbowing their way right into our menu plan real soon 🙂

  3. Oh ya! I love stuffed pretzels and these look like all kinds of yum!

  4. Oh my word, these pretzels… that cheese pull… I love it all!

  5. Holy cow! This has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen! A stuffed pretzel?!? YES PLEASE! I am going to go for wife of the year and surprise my husband by making these for him!

  6. I love stuffed pretzels! The cheesiness of these looks incredible!

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