Chilton cocktails have quickly taken off in the southern areas and they are known to be a favorite in Lubbock, TX. I’m sharing this Rosé Chilton cocktail which is just an adapted version of the classic recipe. 

Rosé Chilton

It’s hard to turn down a good cocktail, especially when it hits 5:00 o’clock. Whether you are out with your friends, out on a date or need a relaxing drink at home to help you wind down, I’ve got the cocktail for you.

Lubbock, TX is known for the Chilton drink. A classic cocktail that contains vodka, lemon, club soda and of course your option of having a salted rim. A few years ago I shared this highly rated Ruby Red Chilton drink and I have friends and family members let me know that they see it ALL the time when googling Chiltons. In fact, that is how I found out about this Rosé Chilton. One of my friends messaged me letting me know they saw the Ruby Red and that I needed to make a different version which consisted of Rosé Vodka.


Rosé Chilton

I made a quick stop at my local Spec’s store but you can always call ahead to your local liquor store to see if they carry the Three Olives Rosé Vodka. You will just need lemons, club soda, and salt if you like a salted rim to accommodate your beverage. This Rosé Chilton would also be a great addition to celebrate MOM’s for Mother’s Day. I know for a FACT that I would NOT turn away a beverage of any kind on that special day.

So, let’s make a toast. To all the Mother’s, Grandmother’s, Stepmother’s out there… you are an inspiration to your kids, they view everything you do and look up and aspire to be just like you.


Rosé Chilton

ENJOY ~ Meagan

Rosé Chilton

Rosé Chilton


  • 3 ounces Three Olives Brand Rosé Vodka, split in half
  • 2 lemons, split in half
  • club soda
  • ice


Pour ice into the glass.

Add 1 1/2 ounces of vodka along with juice from 1 lemon. Top it off with club soda and add a lemon wedge.

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2 comments on “Rosé Chilton”

  1. Hey Meagan!
    I happened across your original chilton recipe when googling 😀 Awesome blog, girl! What does rose vodka taste like?

    • I enjoyed it. There is a small trace of a rose flavor, but I was surprised at how well it paired with the lemon juice. If you love a good Chilton then you will love these.

      Thanks for stopping by to let me know too.

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