We finished our Italy vacation with a couple of days in Rome.  Some of the various sites we saw were: The Vatican, Colosseum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Palentine Hill, Roman Ruins, and Trevi Fountain.  Not only did we see lots of the tourist attractions but we ATE GOOD.  I definitely got my fill of wood fired pizza in Rome along with some pretty good gelato and panini sandwiches.  All the food was absolutely amazing and it left Shaun and I wanting to plan our next meal right after we just finished the current one.   The photos have a description below the picture to explain what we saw.

The pope in the center of the picture doing his weekly address to the audience.  Being Catholic it was a true blessing to see him in person.

The Colosseum:  Such an amazing site where so much took place!

What is left of the Roman Ruins!

Trevi fountain at night!  It was packed every time we walked by the fountain!

Giolitti is the oldest gelato shop in Rome and it was amazing!

The Pantheon.

Me with a big smile because I got to speak with a Swiss Guard at the Vatican to get our pope tickets.

Me at the Spanish steps.

Hope you enjoyed some of our Italian Vacation photos.


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