I am one of those people that absolutely love ranch.  I highly dislike mayo but adore ranch.  It goes perfectly with so many things like chicken, pizza, salads, and so on….  Well, Shaun and I decided to make some chicken wings (see former post) and I decided that I would try out my grandmothers recipe for ranch dressing.   I’m sure that there are a ton of ranch recipes circulating the web at this very moment.  But this one definitely made the cut in the Wied household.  Way to go Grandma K!  It turned out perfectly and it complimented the chicken wings.   

Ranch Creamy Dressing

Ranch Creamy Dressing


In a quart jar combine all of the ingredients
Cover the jar tightly and shake well
Place in refrigerator for at least 2 hours (its better the next day)
If seasoning taste is too strong add more buttermilk and mayonnaise

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