Pink Lemonade Fruit Punch

This past week I was glancing through some old posts and categories and noticed that I was seriously lacking in the beverage department.  I think that drinks are so hard to photograph and I usually tend to drink just water or wine.  Oh yea, I can’t forget about my morning pick-me-up, coffee.

One drink that I do love is a good bridal or shower punch.  I’m the one hovering over the punch bowl to get my second-third-fourth fix on this beverage.  There are soooo many different types of punch, but I decided to branch out and finally make my own version.

Pink Lemonade Fruit Punch

I have this thing for lemonade.  Not sure if it stems from my childhood of always wanting to run my own lemonade stand which I couldn’t because we lived out in the country.  When I try to make a drink I tend to want to involve lemonade.  I even made an alcoholic drink with it.  This one is non-alcoholic and is perfect for just a casual drink or something to share with a group of people.

You can also add your favorite type of fruit for the topping but since it was winter I decided to top it off with apples and cranberries.

ENJOY ~ Meagan

Pink Lemonade Fruit Punch

Pink Lemonade Fruit Punch


12 fluid ounces frozen concentrate pink lemonade
1 15.25 ounce can crushed pineapple
2 liters ginger-ale

Toppings: cranberries and apple slices


Pour all ingredients into a large container and mix well. Place in refrigerator for 2-3 hours before serving.

Top with fruit.

*Double recipe for social gathering*

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16 comments on “Pink Lemonade Fruit Punch”

  1. you take such beautiful pictures – and this sounds and looks deliciously thirst-quenching!

  2. I’m thirsty just looking at your pics! Pinning now…

  3. This looks amazing…and makes me think of summer which is something I’ve been doing in these cold temps! 🙂

  4. I will drink anything that is pretty and pink to distract me from all of these freezing temps! Gorgeous photos too, friend!

  5. Lemonade is just one of those things that’s always thirst-quenching and wonderful. I can only imagine how much better this variation tastes!

  6. I started the new year by trying a few great new recipes. Made your pink lemonade today. Substituted cherries for the cranberries and it was wonderful.

  7. Lemonade fruit punch is just what we need to get our minds thinking about summer and not the freezing temps that won’t leave! Love the idea of topping it with cranberries and apples!

  8. So pretty!! This looks so tasty!

  9. I know my kids would love this one! And your photos are beautiful! Pinning!

  10. I love lemonade too! This fruit punch sounds divine. I’m not one for the sherbet variety though. Great job photographing the drinks–they look beautifuL!

  11. Lemonade is my all-time favorite beverage! So this version looks right up my alley. love it!

  12. This looks like a great punch for a shower!

  13. Do you mke the lemonade or just use the concentrated form?

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