Pan Seared Garlic Herb Pork Chops for a simple meal. It’s back to the basics with just some butter and herbs with this dish.

Pan Seared Garlic Herb Pork Chops

Sometimes I search the internet just like you for a recipe to make for my family. If the pictures get my attention, I go to the main source for the recipe. The first thing I do is glance at the ingredients. If we are over 10+ ingredients, you’ve lost me on the recipe. Especially if those ten ingredients don’t include spices or regular everyday products that I might already have in the refrigerator or pantry.

That’s made me realize or adjust my recipes so that I don’t lose viewers or loyal readers over recipes loaded with unnecessary ingredients. Don’t hold me to it because I will probably break my rule in a couple of days/weeks/months. However, today I’m sticking with these Pan Seared Garlic Herb Pork Chops. Nothing fancy about the recipe, just a simple one using pork chops, lots of butter, garlic and a couple different types of fresh herbs.

Pan Seared Garlic Herb Pork Chops

After seasoning the pork chops with salt and pepper into the pan they go. They get a nice sear on both sides before going into the oven to complete the whole process. Of course, you can just keep cooking them in the cast iron skillet but my kids were hungry and placing it in the oven ensures that it cooks thoroughly.

These Pan Seared Garlic Herb Pork Chops are the perfect entree to any meal. I paired them with my favorite brussels sprouts with bacon recipe.

ENJOY ~ Meagan

Pan Seared Garlic Herb Pork Chops

Pan Seared Garlic Herb Pork Chops



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3 comments on “Pan Seared Garlic Herb Pork Chops”

  1. I have definitely started cutting down on the ingredients too. It makes life sooooo much easier! PS. These look DELICIOUS.

  2. I don’t even see a recipe on this page where did you hide it??

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