Oreo Toffee Brownies

Sometimes I come home from work and have the BIGGEST craving for anything chocolate.  I try to keep it out of our pantry and house because if it is there it won’t last long.  The same goes for homemade bread and chips.

Seriously, I think I have a weakness with any type of food.

I LOVE FOOD! I just do!

This past month I joined The Leftovers Club.  As a food blogger cooking for two we always have left over food in our house.  I try to give food away as much as possible. If you are a food blogger and always have leftovers check out this awesome club.

Oreo Toffee Brownies

ENJOY ~ Meagan

Oreo Toffee Brownies


1 box Betty Crocker Original Brownies (plus water, oil and egg)
1/3 cup toffee bits
26 oreos
1 1/2 cup mini marshmallows


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
In a mixing bowl combine the brownies according to box. Stir in the toffee bits. Place half of the mixture in a 8X8 deep baking pan. Lay 16 of the oreos next to each other. (There will be four oreos in each row)
Pour the remaining batter over the oreos and spread out the mixture using a spatula.
Bake for 30 minutes.
Remove the brownies and top with the marshmallows. Place back in oven for 5 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.
Crumble the rest of the oreos with your hands and place on top of the marshmallows. Pat down very lightly to make sure oreos stick in the topping.

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Don’t you wish you could enjoy some of these leftovers with us? You can!  Visit The Leftovers Club online for more details!

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32 comments on “Oreo Toffee Brownies”

  1. These look amazing! Cookies and cream-style desserts are my favorite!

  2. These look amazing, I will definitely have to try them. And I will for sure look at the Leftovers Club; I had no idea such a thing existed, but it is pure genius. I recently (like 2 months ago) started blogging and I have realized that I just have SO MUCH leftover. I do give a lot of stuff to my neighbors, but baked goods especially seem to just pile up.

  3. Hi Meagan! I just read your about page and wanted to say that I would love to see you open a bakery/restaurant!! I would totally visit. All of your recipes look delicious and your blog is adorable. New fan 🙂

  4. Holy WOW.These brownies are awesome!! Can we make a new Leftovers Club rule that I get to try one of everything? I cannot even handle these posts right now. So excited to be part of such a talented group!!

  5. One of our favorite desserts are chewy chewy brownies!!! The addition of oreos is a plus!!!

  6. Oh my heavens! I’ll take 12 pans, please!

  7. These will probably be gone today, which means I finished them off in two days (with some help from my family, of course). I am not ashamed. They are incredibly delicious. I can’t decide what the best part is — the marshmallow topping or the oreo centers. Really amazing.

  8. Oh my goodness – this looks too dangerous to have around the house!

  9. Yummy! When do you add the toffee bits? To the brownie batter?

    • Hey Linda! It is when you finish making the batter after following the instructions on back of box. I’m going in to fix the recipe. Thanks!

  10. Are those even legal?! They look so amazing!

  11. I think all the members of the leftovers club should be neighbors. These look so amazing!!

  12. If those got sent to my house, I am pretty sure my husband would eat them all before anyone else even knew they were there!

  13. These brownies look so delicious! They are asking to be eaten! Never heard of the Leftovers Club but it sounds very fun and interesting – just checked out the link.

  14. Oh wow, your brownies look amazing!

  15. I have much more of an oreo weakness than I do a chocolate one! So these would be dangerous in my house. Yum!

  16. Whoa! Hello chocolatey goodness!

  17. oh my god SO AMAZING!!!

    MMMMMMM! I looove chocolate and toffee and oreo’s!

  18. OMG this look amazing! You were right, I guess our mind were thinking a like this week! To funny!

  19. Those look fantastic, my husband would steal them, hide somewhere and gobble them up! I am totally enjoying checking out what TLC members made this month!

  20. Whoa!!!! Holy brownies!! I love ’em! I want to be paired with you ASAP!!!! 😀

  21. Your blog is fantastic. I have officially subscribed!

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