Halloween Oreo Spider Web Cookies

This weekend was absolutely the best considering we had perfect weather.  Earlier on in the week it was reaching up to 90 degrees and then Friday our high was in the upper 60’s.  We enjoyed the weather so much that our back door stayed open for most of the day Saturday and Sunday.  Not only was the weather good but we got a lot accomplished around our house.  Saturday we got up and voted for the election with absolutely no line!  Not sure how we pulled that off but it was great to get in and out.  Then we headed into Houston for Ikea and then back out for a stop at Home Depot and HEB (local grocery store).  While we were out and about I saw lots of people dressed in their Halloween costumes for the nightly parties.

Oreo Spider Web Cookies

It made me think that I had not made one Halloween inspired recipe for the blog this year.  I saw a couple of other bloggers make spider cupcakes but I wanted to keep it simple since Halloween is this Wednesday!  I had made chocolate covered oreos a while back and decided to bring out the molds.  Yes, I know that you can buy white covered oreos but why would I do that when I can do it myself.  If you don’t have oreo molds you can use a mini cupcake pan just don’t fill it all the way up because there will be way too much chocolate around the oreos.  If you are looking a for fun recipe for the kids try these cookies out just in time for Halloween!


Oreo Spider Web Cookies


12 oreos
1 lb. white chocolate
black icing for spider web


Melt the chocolate in the microwave for 1 minute. Remove and stir and then place back in microwave in 10 sec increments until chocolate is melted.
Spoon the chocolate into the molds filling it 1/2 way.
Place an oreo into chocolate and press down so that the top of the oreo is below the mold.
Spoon more chocolate over the oreos to cover them completely.
Shake the mold gently to ensure that all bubbles are out of the chocolate.
Run a spatula over the top to smooth it out and then place in refrigerator for 15 minutes.
Pop out the oreos and start to make little black circles with the icing.
Use a toothpick to create lines from the inner circle to the outer circles.
Set aside the finished oreos to let the icing on top dry.

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Halloween Oreo Spider Web Cookies

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5 comments on “Oreo Spider Web Cookies”

  1. Yay for cooler weather! Love those cookies, they’re adorable!

  2. Such pretty little spider webs! I don’t think I could ever make them as pretty as you did 🙂

    and I luuurve chocolate covered Oreo’s!

  3. This is the cutest thing I have seen all day, and so simple. Great idea here!

  4. So cute! Love how easy these are, too!

  5. the crazy weather is killing me!
    these look so perfect!

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