Nutella Brownies -

This week I really tried hard to plan on having more food posts for everyone!  However, it’s funny how things can change so fast.  We had Shaun’s cousin over for pizza one night and then the next night we went to meet one of Shaun’s close friends who was coming through town.  Two nights in a row I didn’t have to cook or plan anything.  We are also traveling this weekend to the Panhandle of Texas so I made myself get up early Thursday to bake some goodies.

There are certain recipes on Pinterest that catch my eye.  I found a nutella brownie recipe that caught my eye and I knew it was on my list to bake.  Brownies are a huge weakness of mind just like cookies.  Sometimes you glance at a recipe and just know instantly that you don’t want to change anything to it.  That’s how I felt with Karly’s recipe for these brownies.  The only addition I made was to add some chopped pecans for a little extra crunch with the chocolate chip morsels.

See the recipe for Nutella Brownies at Buns In My Oven! I added 4 oz. of chopped pecans to the recipe.

Nutella Brownies -

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17 comments on “Nutella Brownies with Pecans”

  1. Love how perfectly rich and fudgy these look!

  2. Those sound wonderful!

  3. There is nothing better than a fudgy Nutella brownie!

  4. Oh, yum. Wow. These brownies sound amazing!

  5. YUMx1000000!!! Makes me want to take a bite right now!

  6. Wow!!!! These look like perfection, so gooey and chocolate-y!!

  7. WOW!! This look great! Can’t wait to have some when you get back. We miss you… can’t wait til you get back. Most of all we miss your food!!! (jj we miss u most of all) Give my beautiful lil “O” kisses from her Uncle.

  8. Yes please! I could sure use about a dozen of these right about now! After all, how can anyone resist Nutella?!

  9. These look so extremely fudgy! I love that you used Nutella!

  10. The days and weeks totally go by SO fast! I need a week to just cook to my heart’s content 🙂 These look awesome. You can’t go wrong with Nutells!

  11. Love these brownies, adding pecans can only make them even more delicious. I am thinking of doing a bake sale to raise money for a charity I am part of and these will definitely make the cut!

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