Are you the type of person that can walk into a sit-down restaurant by yourself and have a nice, quiet meal while others chat away with their friends?  I’ve done it a few times and by that I mean less than 10 times.  You also won’t find me at a movie by myself, I did that once and vowed never to do it again.

I’ve teamed up with Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen for their Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Alone campaign.  This past weekend I asked my neighbor and friend, Lindsey, if she had any plans for lunch.  That meant some alone time for both of us moms without any kids at our side begging for food or something to play with.  A whole hour and a half to ourselves with some good girl gab time.

To be completely honest with you, it’s been about 4 years since I’ve dined at Cheddars.  They revamped their menu and I was excited to try it out with my friend.  There would be no dining alone today.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Alone

We started off our meal with the Santa Fe Spinach Dip appetizer that came with some salsa and chips. It’s a combination of spinach, four cheeses, sour cream, spices and then topped off with mozzarella.  For my main meal, I chose the Hand-Crafted Asian Salad.  It came with fresh greens, grilled chicken, vegetables, herbs, vinaigrette and then it sat on a huge wonton crisp topped with a peanut sauce and glaze.  This salad didn’t disappoint and it was very filling.  My friend ordered the white fish from the lighter menu choices. Everything listed in this portion is 575 calories or less and is great if you have an appetizer or dessert.  Now that we are talking about desserts I couldn’t leave my friend hanging and not order a dessert to split.  We went with Cheddar’s Legendary Monster Cookie.  A freshly baked cookie (order ahead of time) topped with ice cream, whipped cream, fudge and a cherry.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Alone


My friend and I had a great meal at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and we can’t wait to return.

GIVEAWAY:  Today I’m giving away 4 $25 gift cards to Cheddar’s to treat yourself out and a friend.  To enter just leave a comment on who you would take out to eat.  I will pick winner July 6th and will email all winners.  You have 24 hours to respond before another person is selected.

ENJOY ~ Meagan

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen.  All opinions are my own and I appreciate your support on the brands/companies that we love.

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29 comments on “Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Alone”

  1. I would take my hubby for a much needed date!

  2. I would take my sister for a fun girls night and the husbands can entertain the kiddos!

  3. I would take Brian – let’s be real, with four kids now, a lunch date without kids never happens 😉

  4. Love Cheddars! Can’t wait to try some of their new stuff!

  5. I would love to take my husband! I love the rare quiet times with him away from our boys!!

  6. I would take my daughter Brooke & we’d split that yummy looking dessert!

  7. Yum! I haven’t been there in forever. Sounds so good!

  8. Ps–I would take Brad or Kaci!

  9. I’d take my sweet hubby for a date night!

  10. I’ll take the hubby ☺️

  11. I would take my husband and son 🙂 abd my pregnant belly lol. I love trying new places!

  12. 1-I never go out to eat alone, that feels weird (but I’ll totally go see a movie by myself!)
    2-This restaurant looks awesome!

  13. We always go to Cheddar’s as a family. They have a family friendly atmosphere, and a wide variety of food to suit all tastes.

  14. I would take my mom because she deserves a relaxing night.

  15. One of my oldest friends is moving across the state, so I’ll take her for a going away dinner.

  16. I would take my dad, mom and brother.

  17. I would take my grandmother out to eat. She’s in town for the month and I would love to get to spend some time with her at one of my favorite restaurants.

  18. I would take my husband, thank you for the chance to win! GOD bless

  19. I’d give the gift card to my brother and his wife as a surprise! I know he loves eating at Cheddar’s and they could have a nice meal out.

  20. I would take hubby, he paid his own meal for Father’s day and his birthday last month <3

  21. i’d take my sister

  22. I’d take my sister

  23. I would like to have a Daddy & Daughters lunch date at Cheddar’s

  24. I love the buffalo chicken wraps. Yum.

  25. Would be a great date night with my husband

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