Fig, prosciutto and burrata crostini

Dinner parties…..

Yay or nay?

I would say that I love them, but to be honest I don’t really ever attend or host them.  Total bummer especially for someone who loves putting little appetizers or finger foods together.  On most occasions I create an appetizer just to have my husband and I eat it together with a glass of wine or beer.  Not that it’s a bad thing but sometimes I want guests and lots of them.

Fig, prosciutto and burrata crostini

In fact I think it’s time for a dinner party group.  One that will meet every other month and one person will host the dinner and the rest of the people will just attend.   That means I would get to entertain and put together some lovely dishes.

My only issue is that sometimes people assume a food blogger will serve fancy, lavish dishes.  Some of my appetizers just like this fig, prosciutto and burrata crostini are simple yet elegant.  These little appetizer bites take less than 15 minutes to put together and that allows more time for wine or gigglejuice as my friend Lauren would say.

My motto would be, “Serve them good food, but be available to mingle.”

ENJOY ~ Meagan

Fig, prosciutto and burrata crostini

Fig, prosciutto and burrata crostini


  • 1 baguette, sliced
  • 8 ounces burrata
  • 3 ounces prosciutto, with strips sliced in half
  • 5 figs, sliced
  • agave nectar for topping


Slice the baguette into 1/2 inch slices.  Top with 1/2 of a prosciutto slice with the meat layered to fit on baguette.  Add a spoonful of burrata cheese and fig slice.  Drizzle the agave nectar over the crostini.

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15 comments on “Fig, prosciutto and burrata crostini”

  1. So happy to see figs back. This is a wonderful way to enjoy them.

  2. Sign me up – and up and up again for these!!

  3. I just had burrata for the first time…oooh wow it’s a game changer. This looks so good!

  4. Oh, yes!! Dinner parties are a must especially if fig, prosciutto and burrata are involved!!

  5. I love dinner parties, and I wish I had more time to throw them! If I lived near you I would totally start a dinner party group with you. I’m with you though on the pressure of a food blogger throwing a dinner party. I feel like people have higher expectations. But, this crostini looks amazing, elegant, sophisticated. Perfect for any dinner party!

  6. Seriously with these! Everything I love in one cute little crostini! And I agree -we need more dinner parties. I think people do expect food bloggers to serve fancy food. BUT on the flip side, I also think people feel like they should serve fancy food to us. I’ve had friends almost feel embarrassed that they are just serving me pasta. Are you kidding? Having anybody else cook something for me is amazing. I don’t care what it is! It’s always a treat!!

  7. Ok seriously – this is DIVINE!

  8. I love having dinner parties, but we haven’t had one since moving to Colorado since we don’t have many friends that live here. However, I think I’ll have to make this just for me and my husband, looks wonderful!

  9. I grew up never eating figs, however, the more I eat them, the more I like figs. I can’t wait to try this, it will be great!

  10. Love this. Food is sometimes best simple and flavorful.
    Also couldn’t agree more about the dinner parties.

  11. I feel the SAME way about dinner parties. I adore them, but the whole “food blogger” title stresses me out. I’m keeping this recipe handy. Hello crowd pleaser!

  12. This is just all kinds of gorgeous!

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