I decided to make some bread for Shaun and my co-workers.  After searching for a simple recipe I found one at Recipe Girl’s website.  She has an excellent step by step process on how to make this wonderful bread and I think that she it explains it way better than I ever could.  Your kitchen will smell so wonderful while this bread is baking; its better than a candle.  I hope you enjoy this recipe and click below to venture over to her website for the preparation instructions.  ENJOY!!!
Recipe Girls Preparation

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17 comments on “Cinnamon Swirl Bread”

  1. Perfect for toast or … French Toast! I love that your bread didn’t separate at the swirls!

  2. Ooo delicious!! This would be perfect to have on hand for breakfast in the mornings, great job!! 🙂

  3. yum! Looks great! Love homemade bread.

  4. It’s beautiful! I love it when I search for a recipe and score big time. I hope your co-workers enjoyed it!

  5. I love cinnamon swirl bread! It is great for cinnamon toast for breakfast. this looks perfect!

  6. This is THE best bread for french toast!

  7. Oooo… That looks like perfection… Seriously!

  8. I like the random swirls — would you pass me the butter, please…?

  9. I agree with the others. Nothing better than cinnamon swirl bread for french toast. Great meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner 🙂

  10. I’m a fool for cinnamon, this sounds soooo good!

  11. Lucky co-workers! Cinnamon is such a fantastic smell in the kitchen. I sometimes bake just for the smell alone – ok, I’m lying – the gorgeous scent of cinnamon is a secondary bonus!

  12. This looks soo good! I love cinnamon swirl bread.

  13. Lovely fluffy cinnamon bread. Lucky are those people you’re sharing it with.
    Love the flavour and scent of cinnamon.

  14. This would make a perfect breakfast! With a side of a good tea or coffee. YUM!

  15. I attempted to make cinnamon swirl bread and it didn’t rise nearly as well as yours.. I may have to give this another go!

  16. Wonderful! Fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing, Meagan! I enjoyed the visit.

  17. Beautiful picture and the bread sounds delicious!

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