On June 26th everyone in Lubbock will be lining up to get a peek at the new Cabela’s Out Post in Lubbock, Texas.  Cabela’s is a guys “dream store” much like Nordstroms is to me.  This past week my husband and I got to take a media tour of the new digs before it officially opens up to public.  It was like placing my husband in a candy store telling him he couldn’t purchase anything at that time.


Cabela’s isn’t just for men or little boys wanting to be like their fathers.  Women can also go in there to shop for clothes, camping gear, shoes, dog toys and the food area.  Go figure that my favorite area in the store is the food section.  Aisles loaded with different types of spices, food savers, grills, meat grinders, dehydrators and the list could go on and on.   


This Cabela’s store will have over 150 animal mounts along the walls.  Along with the animals there are gorgeously painted murals on some of the upper walls.

A little hidden secret….. apparently each Cabela’s store has a sasquatch (big foot) in one of the painted murals in each and every store.  Now you just have to find it.

Cabelas in lubbock-2

Cabelas in lubbock-45

While at the preview we got to see a guy demonstrate knife sharpening.  Sharp knives are a necessity in our household and we try to sharpen them with a knife sharpener at least once or twice a year.  The next demonstration was a water filtration system.  They demonstrated a DIRTY jug of water going into a small bottle with a pouch secured on it.  He started to pour the water into a mason jar and it came out sparkly clean.

cabelas lubbock



The Lubbock store also has an indoor archery range at the back of the store.  You get to try out the bows, arrows or other gear before purchasing.  If you can’t find your loved one and they have a bow you could probably find them at the archery center.  If they aren’t there you could probably find them looking right down from there in the gun aisles.  This is where my husband would spend most of his time.  Both of us grew up hunting and we have a huge love for good meat.  Don’t forget we like to make our own sausage each year.


ENJOY ~ Meagan

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post but did receive a private tour of Cabelas.

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2 comments on “Cabela’s Out Post in Lubbock”

  1. You are sooooo right. This is a guy’s Nordstroms. It was fun to take a look inside. Thanx for arranging that.

  2. ohemgeeeee! lol I know some men that would seriously dig that place (namely, my father lol)

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