People always ask Shaun and I if we have any recipes that fail or if something just doesn’t work out.  My answer is a simple, HECK YEA.  Martha Stewart even makes mistakes but its those mistakes that give you better recipes.  As a food blogger and recipe developer I’ve had many recipe fails in the past two years.

Tonight, was no different.  I planned on posting a lovely peach ice cream since peaches are in season at the moment.  I made way to much cream and didn’t divide it well in the ice cream maker so it never churned enough.  Epic FAIL is what I call that recipe but I will come back with a good peach ice cream recipe.

Well, I’ve admitted my LOVE for carbs this past week.

When the other recipe didn’t turn out I decided to turn to pinterest to make something quick and fun.  It’s even better that I decided on this delicious beer bread recipe from a food blogger that I follow daily.  Kristen from Dine & Dish is a fun loving cooking mother of four who creates delicious recipes.  I knew that I could whip up her beer bread and that it would be absolutely delicious.  Boy was I right!  Who doesn’t love fresh baked bread right out of the oven topped with butter or honey.  It gets me every single time and I literally had to stop myself after one piece because I would have finished the whole loaf right after it came out of the oven.

You can get the recipe at Kristen’s site Dine and Dish.  This bread is super easy and quick to put together.  You can also use any beer that you prefer but I like to go with light beers for bread or other recipes.


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4 comments on “Buttery Beer Bread”

  1. We adore beer bread! I used to buy the package mixes (from Tastefully Simple) until I realized how easy, and better-for-you the from-scratch version is. I love how buttery this looks! And recipe fails – yes, I had one fail yesterday…too much flour, or too little fat, not sure which one but I’m not letting it fail, I have tweaked the recipe and trying again!

  2. I saw this on Kristen’s site and now I’m doubly convinced I need to make it!

  3. We all have our bad days! But hopefully we have more good than bad – and you’re right – as long as we learn and better from our mistakes, there’s no harm in making them! This beer bread sounds fantastic =)

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