Taking two simple ingredients and mixing them together to create a simple Blood Orange Whiskey Cocktail. 

Blood Orange Whiskey

A whiskey and coke would be my husband’s beverage of choice. Whether it’s a long day at the office or trying to manage three screaming kids and a doting wife, he sometimes needs a relaxing drink. OK, I may have added the doting wife to see if you were reading or not. We both need a relaxing drink sometimes and a nice cocktail does the trick.

Blood Orange Whiskey

While we are in the midst of blood orange season, I try to incorporate them every chance I get into our recipes. It can be freshly squeezed orange juice, blood orange vinaigrette, blood orange mint spritzer, or this blood orange margarita. I was curious to see how well the blood orange juice tasted with the addition of whiskey.

I had set out to make a blood orange whiskey sour but decided to keep this drink simple by just combining the two and leaving the simple syrup out. I can definitely say that this cocktail was refreshing and flavorful. A simple cocktail that would please both men and women for their midevening drink. Valentine’s is also coming up and this would be a great drink to serve your loved one for a date night in.

Blood Orange Whiskey

I would love for you to share or recommend “your favorite” blood orange recipes in the comments below.

ENJOY ~ Meagan

Blood Orange Whiskey

Blood Orange Whiskey Cocktail


  • 1/4 cup or double shot of whiskey, divided
  • 1 cup freshly squeezed blood orange juice, divided
  • ice


Fill two cups with ice. Pour half of the whiskey into each cup followed by half of the blood orange juice.

Stir and then serve.

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