I seriously can’t believe that it is almost April.  It’s time to think about bathing suit season, summer weather and spending the weekends outdoors.

Before we move on I’m going to take a look back at this month and show you some behind the scenes shots.  I promise there is nothing fancy in what I do and most of it is taken from in the kitchen or other rooms depending on the best light.

Click on the link underneath the photo to see the final shot.

behind the scenes

Oreo mousse jars – Shot was taken on a bar stool that was located in the dining room next to large window.

behind the scenes

Loaded potato bites – Shot was taken just like the oreo mousse jars in the photo above.

behind the scenes

Pistachio pesto pizza – As you can see I was tired of the chair and decided to stick with the floor.  Sanitary right?

behind the scenes Cheesy brussels sprouts and cabbage pasta – My husband built me a table for Christmas and it is FINALLY done.  I decided to start taking shots on it.

behind the scenesButtermilk kettle chip crusted tilapia – This photo doesn’t look all that grand because of the harsh back lighting but it was an excellent dish.

behind the scenes


Sneak peak! I’m having a whole week dedicated to desserts!  Stay tune for this recipe.

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3 comments on “Behind the scenes {March}”

  1. I’m completely in awe of your skilllls!

  2. I LOVE seeing behind-the-scenes photos , thank you for sharing those!! Just came across your site from Rachel Cooks’ site and I love it!!

  3. Very cool. Haha… most of my shots are taken on the coffee table, though a couple were also on the floor like your skillet post! Love seeing other bloggers at work. It reminds me that not everyone has a professional studio or lots of equipment like I occasionally imagine (when I am frustrated with my own lighting/kitchen/camera skills/props!) x

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