Apple Pie Moonshine

Four years ago, pre-kids, I found myself in a log cabin with family in Keystone, Colorado. We were spending a few days skiing and just enjoying some good quality family time. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a “great skier” and sometimes the thought of falling truly terrifies me to no end. After a couple of good runs, I started to get a little cocky and felt comfortable as we got further into the day. I was heading down the mountain at a relatively good speed and hit a patch of ice near the bottom. I’m not sure how many times I tumbled on the flat surface but I do know that it knocked the breath out of me.

Bystanders came to my aid but I quickly waved them off letting them know I would be OK. By the time my husband reached me I was bawling and told him that I hurt so bad on my back end. I decided at this moment that I was officially done skiing on the trip and I took the gondola back down the mountain.

Apple Pie Moonshine

That evening I was in EXTREME pain from that fall. Luckily, my sister in law had brought a batch of homemade apple pie moonshine along for the trip. After a quick walk to the local hot tub, I was in heaven with an unlimited supply of apple pie moonshine at my disposal and bubbling hot water to help with my aches.

I don’t think I felt any more pain the rest of the night. Now the next morning is a different story.

Apple Pie Moonshine

This Apple Pie Moonshine is easy to prepare and is perfect for any large gathering or holiday party.

ENJOY ~ Meagan

Apple Pie Moonshine

Apple Pie Moonshine


Pour apple juice and apple cider into a large pot and heat on med/high. Stir in both sugars and heat the mixture for 20 minutes stirring occasionally. In the last 5 minutes add the cinnamon sticks. When the 20 minutes is over remove from heat and let it cool.

When liquid is completely cooled add everclear and vodka. Remove cinnamon sticks before refrigerating the drink. Place mixture in large pitcher or beverage container in the fridge.

Apple Pie Moonshine

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9 comments on “Apple Pie Moonshine”

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  2. I hate to tell you but that is not real moonshine but I’m glad you like it

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  6. OMG!!! I’m so excited to find this! I bought some apple pie moonshine a couple months ago while visiting family, and sadly, I cannot find it where I live. And literally, as I type this, I’m drinking the last glass of it, and was about to cry until I happened upon your recipe. This is so awesome!! Now I can make it at home!

    Did you know there’s also a caramel moonshine? A bit much to drink, but would make the most incredible sauce to drizzle over ice cream. 🙂

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