Cinnamon raisin bread

America has turned into fast food and processed food junkies.  Don’t get me wrong I do LOVE my chips, Oreo cookies and bread.  It’s all about moderation and not too much consumption.

One mom, Lisa Leake, wanted to see if she could provide for her family for 100 days without processed foods.  She wrote about her daily trials on her blog 100 days of real food and now has many followers who want to start their own journey.

Leake family

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I first heard about Lisa from my sister-in-law.  A while back I had asked Facebook fans and family members what blogs they recommended.  Keri (my sister-in-law) immediately responded with Lisa’s blog.  Being a follower of many food blogs this was the first time I stumbled upon 100 days of real food.  So when the cookbook came out you bet I was hearing from Keri that I needed to check it out.

100 Days of Real Food cookbook

This cookbook is all about showcasing GREAT recipes while eating better foods for you and your body.  This summer we started a bigger garden and it has been great to see the excitement from Olivia when we pull things from it.  She likes the vegetables as raw as can be and no longer wants them when we cook them.  It’s funny how our society gets away from things at the raw state.

One of the recipes that I tried out from Lisa’s cookbook is the Cinnamon raisin quick bread.  The best part was that no grocery trip was required because I had everything I needed and you will find that most people have a lot of the ingredients for most of these recipes.  The bread took about 10 minutes to make and the oven did the rest for me.  Our whole family devoured the bread last night for dinner and Olivia even wanted seconds.

Cinnamon raisin bread

If you want to know a list of things recommended and things YOU CAN’T HAVE please check out her site.  I’m also sharing this wonderful cinnamon-raisin quick bread recipe with you today with permission from Lisa and her publisher.

Today I am giving away a SIGNED copy of her cookbook to one lucky reader.  Just enter the giveaway below the recipe.

ENJOY ~ Meagan

Cinnamon Raisin Quick Bread Recipe


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3 comments on “100 Days of Real Food Cookbook with Cinnamon-raisin quick bread”

  1. yay for real food!

  2. I am loving this raisin and cinnamon bread and think it would be the perfect bread for my morning toast and jam. thanks for sharing the recipe, it’s one that i must recreate!

  3. Ah LOVE this! Anytime I make something from scratch, I never regret the bit of extra time it took. Thanks for sharing the cookbook and great giveaway!

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