On November 2nd we welcomed the most precious little boy into our lives.  He came early just like his sister and made sure he wasn’t upstaged with his arrival.  I wanted to share his birth story with my readers and it’s something I regret not doing with his big sister.  

Weston's Birth Story

Birth Story

Halloween night I woke to a small amount of leaking and I thought my water may have broken but I didn’t really bother with it until the morning.  That’s when I told my husband and he told me immediately to get on the phone with the on-call nurse.  She insisted that we go to the hospital to get it checked out.  After checking in and being admitted to the triage room we waited, waited and even waited some more.  They did two quick swabs to tell me that I was showing negative for my amniotic sac erupting and just suggested that it was him sitting on my bladder.  I was sent home after 2 ½ hours wait for a 30 second conversation with the doctor who never introduced himself.  I left crying and feeling like I didn’t know what was going on in my body but I did know it wasn’t my bladder emptying.  

For the rest of the day I could feel myself going every so often but knew that I couldn’t do anything about it.  My husband nested in our garage while I was getting posts done for the blog and tending to the kids.  I made Pinch of Yum’s Homemade Ramen Soup for dinner and then we put the kids to bed.  Shortly after a bath I started to get some really bad cramps in my lower back.  I had downloaded an app so I started to time them just in case.  In about 15 minutes I was starting to have them every 5-7 minutes and they were lasting about 30-45 seconds.  The cramps were starting to feel familiar to Olivia’s birth so I knew this could be it.  We had the in-laws come back over so we could make our second trip to the hospital for the day.  

It was back to the triage room where we were just hours prior.  Same swab was taken and once again it showed up negative so the nurse (Thank God) decided to do a different swab and have the lab take a look into it.  After waiting for about 45 minutes she came back to let me know that my amniotic sac did indeed have a leak in it and that we were being admitted.  She let me know that it was almost 24 hours later and that the baby and me could end up with an infection because of the wait.  Of course I was furious because no one really took me all that serious that morning and now something devastating could come of it.  


After being admitted into the delivery room we tried to get some sleep but my contractions were starting to really pick up.  I held off for about two hours and then requested an epidural.  I received my first epidural a short time later just to find out that it didn’t take so I was administered a second shot and I did receive some tingling and numbness in my legs but the contractions were still felt in my lower left back side.  THE PAIN WAS STILL THERE and all it really did was just make my legs go numb.  I felt like crying because I was really looking forward to not feeling my contractions anymore.  They upped my pain medicine with my IV and the nurse told me to give her about 10 minutes before she came back to check on me.  Those 10 minutes seemed to take forever and when she came back I said my pain level was now at an 8-9.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  She gently removed my sheet and said oh well we are ready to deliver.  Things went into hyper drive then.  We soon had about 3 more nurses in the room prepping for the delivery and then shortly thereafter the doctor walked in.  After 3 contractions and several pushes we delivered Weston.  Weighing in at 6 lbs. 8 ounces and measuring 20 inches.  I appreciate all the nurses from our delivery to our stay because they took excellent care of the both of us.  We had to stay an additional night to monitor the both of us since my water had broken and it went unnoticed.  Don’t worry I put in a complaint about the doctor we had seen on our first trip.  

Fortunately we are past that now and I get to stay home and snuggle on this little cuddle bug.  His cousin and big sister are also adjusting to home life and they both like to hold him.  


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5 comments on “Weston’s Birth Story”

  1. Omigosh how infuriating that must have been! I hate when mistakes like that are made due to incompetence 🙁 But at least everything worked out ok and you got this sweet baby boy! Weston is so adorable, and that picture of him and his big sis is THE CUTEST

  2. He is such a precious bundle of joy!! So many congrats, lovely. Livi with Weston is just the cutest thing on the planet.

  3. So excited to be a great Auntie to this sweet little newborn nephew. Love you Weston!

  4. Congrats on your cute little bundle! L&D is always so dramatic and nerve wracking, but its so worth it in the thend!

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