Weston 6 month
(6-month photo)

I’m almost in complete denial that I’m writing about Weston turning six months old. The time has flown by and I have LOVED every single minute of it so far. Well here we are six months in and I haven’t done a single post for him except his birth announcement. His actual birth announcement postcards are still sitting by the TV in our room just waiting to be mailed out. There are no cute monthly sticker photos, but I do remember to catch a quick photo sometimes a few days after of the smiling little hunk.

Weston 6 month
(his baptism)

He adores his family and lights up when he hears the kids voices talking to him. Not going to lie, he is totally a momma’s boy and has me wrapped around his little finger. His older sister was sleeping through the night at six weeks old and we just turned six months old and he wants a little comfort feeding in the middle of the night. He has a surgery coming up this next week, and I figured that after it I will try to do better about getting him to sleep throughout the night.

Weston 6 month(hanging out in his Dockatot)

Here are some of his favorites: anything and everything having to do with the outdoors (he will even cry if you close the door in front of him to where he can’t see outside), his bouncer, activity mat and trying to sip from a grown up cup. He absolutely hates his car seat and despises long car rides over 3 hours. As of right now I’m making his own food and even purchased a cookbook called Little Foodie. His favorites include: apples and cinnamon and then pear with ground cloves. If the food has orange in it he tends to spit it right back out. Don’t worry I refuse to give up on butternut squash and carrots.

Weston 6 month

I’ve also decided to share some of my favorite essential baby products with you. In fact, there is a little giveaway associated with a baby store my sister in law and I just opened up. We decided that with so many babies around us we could invest in products that we love and let people know as well.

Don’t forget to enter for a $50 gift card to Growing Like A Wied. One winner will be selected May 11th, and they must be a US resident.

Essential Baby Products

Let’s get started shall we… from left to right.

DockATot™: It’s a multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting and snuggling dock you can take anywhere. At first, I was a little skeptical by the price tag, but I couldn’t imagine life without it for Weston. My recommendation is to buy the grand, so you don’t have to buy two in the span of a couple of months. Instead of carrying around a pack in play we just pack the DockATot™ instead.
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Milk Snob: I fell in love with this stylish and well fitting car seat cover that also transforms into a nursing cover. I no longer had to fight gusty winds in getting my cover to stay on. I’m not a fan of nursing covers, but this is the first one that is hassle free and easy to feed in.

Alphabet Footie: These pajamas were perfect for Weston. They are stylish and comfortable for sleeping at night or getting around town in the day. These also make a great gift for expecting mothers. The creator made two different outlets: one for getting baby in footie and another for changing them.

Sleep Sacks: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! This is definitely a MUST-HAVE for Weston and any future baby if we have one. They are made with bamboo fabric to help keep baby cool, while also being hypoallergenic. Now if I could just get the company to make an adult version.

Animal Pacifier: Out with old pacifiers and in with the new. These are made with pacifiers you will find at the hospital with an animal attached to it. It’s almost creating a weight for it to help stay better in baby’s mouth. Now Weston doesn’t care for a pacifier, but he loves to cuddle with the animal.

MomaRoo: We’ve had this automated swing since Olivia’s birth. It’s perfect for when the baby is first born to give them the movement of a car, swing and many more motions. They also include different speeds and sounds. The seat can recline to move up and down with the age of a baby.

ENJOY ~ Meagan

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  1. oooohmigosh I can’t believe Weston is already 6 momths! He’s such a cutie and obviously such a sweet little boy!

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