1) A while back I joined birch box.  Every month they send me small samples to try out and you can buy if you like them.  I immediately fell in love with this mascara.  It makes my lashes very full and long looking.

2) I am obsessing or debating on when I will make these yummy brownies.

3) This past weekend my husband (Shaun) painted our little baby’s nursery.  I had an idea in my head on how I wanted it to look and luckily everything panned out.  He did such a good job with it!

4) While he was busy painting I was relaxing trying to bring the swelling down from my feet and ankles.  I highly recommend THIS BOOK to read it was soooo good.  I may have even cried a bit but I’m going to blame that on my pregnancy.

5) I am in LOVE with this shake that I found on pinterest.  I mean I really really want to make this or have someone make it for me!!!

6) So not only am I obsessing over food but I have a CRAVING to shop.  Most women in their pregnancy like to clean and tidy up the house.  Well in the last week all I want to do is buy buy buy!  I’m trying really hard to not push the submit button on many things that I see but I just had to have these cute bowls from anthropologie.

7) After receiving these bowls today at lunch I had three more boxes arrive on our doorstep.  Lucky for me I get home before my husband does so I can at least condense the boxes down.

8) The next time I have people over to our house or to entertain I am definitely making THESE again!  They are so juicy and delicious!

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