Tomato Fan

We are officially off for the Wied Family Vacation. In May we met up with my side of the family for some fun in the sun outside of San Antonio. This go around will just be the three for vacation at the Woodlands Resort outside of Houston. It’s also a sentimental vacation because it will be the last one we take as a family of three. Lots of things changing and shaking up in our household in the next couple of weeks/months.

I’m excited about seeing old friends from our neck of the woods and devouring in the good food. Not to mention that the AWESOME mall is only 8 minutes from our hotel. I’ve already planned out most of our stops (big time planner), including a drop in for the Disney Store in the mall. Husband is dreading it but I’m looking forward to the smile and giddiness of our daughter.

Tomato Fan

Before we started out on our little adventure I remade and photographed this old recipe for the Tomato Fan. It’s such a simplistic dish, while the beauty and taste shines through the ingredients. You can make it as a side dish or serve it up to your guests when you have them over for dinner.

I used large tomatoes for the actual tomato fan, but you could substitute with small ones and still incorporate the same idea with stuffing them with basil and mozzarella.

Talk to you in a couple of days after some much needed relaxation time.

ENJOY ~ Meagan

Tomato Fan


Tomato Fan


1 large tomato
1.5 ounces fresh mozzarella cut into strips or rounds
3-4 fresh basil leaves
dashes of balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper to taste


  1. Using a knife cut the tomato lengthwise about 1/4 inch apart and stopping about 1/4 inch from the bottom of the tomato.
  2. Place a strip of mozzarella in between the cut of the tomato and follow with the basil.  Repeat until all slots are filled.
  3. Top with a couple of dashes of balsamic vinegar and season according to taste.
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  2. Have a great vacation! I LOVE this potato fan idea! Such a fun way to serve an appetizer.

  3. Yum! Such a delicious way to enjoy caprese! 🙂

  4. This looks absolutely delicious. Oddly enough for me to say, I don’t ever eat tomatos!

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