I decided to get into the Thanksgiving spirit and let you all know what I am thankful for this year.  The list could go on and on about so many things but I am going to TRY my best and touch on the most meaningful things.

1) GOD – He is apart of my life each and every day.  I believe my FAITH in him has gotten me and my family through many troubled times this year.  He has also brought many happy times within our family.  God has brought so much grace into our daily lives and just knowing that he sent his ONLY son to die for ME.

2) I am so thankful for my taste-testing, dish-cleaning, advice-giver husband Shaun.  He is truly perfect in my eyes and treats me with the up most respect.

2) For MY FAMILY and SHAUN’s FAMILY – The way our parents raised us to show respect for all human beings and to show a love to them no matter what.  I am thankful for my two sisters and the many sisters and brother in laws I received throughout both of our families.  To my nieces and nephews for I am truly grateful that I can still live through their young hearts.

3) Our great JOBS that help clothe, feed and pay for our medical bills.  We understand that we are fortunate right now to have such great jobs that help with our daily living.

4) Little Miss Olivia – She has no idea how she has touched our lives without her being here physically in our arms.  I love the kicks and punches that she gives me to let me know that she is still breathing and moving around.

5) I could never leave out Bella and Bubba who show us constantly that they are well loved with lots and lots of licks.  They just know I’m a huge sucker and that I will give them a treat not just for when they do something good.

6) Many thanks to the Food Blogging Community who continue to cheer you on and want to see you succeed on a daily basis.

7) Lastly I am thankful for peanut m&ms, ice cream with chocolate syrup, breakfast tacos, tortillas and my beloved Mexican food!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and let others know you are thankful for everything that they do!


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  1. <3

    Love this.

    Happy Thanksgiving Meagan!

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