Skillet Pizza
Who doesn’t enjoy pizza?  I mean seriously this stuff is good!  Who ever created pizza should win a lifetime aware for BEING AMAZING!

We love to eat pizza!

Any kind: thin, hand tossed, pan, Chicago deep dish, New York style, Neapolitan  extra crispy, grilled, bites, calzone, Stromboli,  supreme, veggie and the list could go on and on.  My personal favorite is hand tossed pizza loaded with everything and topped with red pepper flakes.  I might even let you know that I am one of “those” people who dip their pizzas in ranch dressing.  Appalling I know, but I love it!

skillet pizza

This past weekend I was craving pizza.  When I need a quick fix we usually call Pizza Hut or Papa John’a and have one delivered 45 minutes later.  This go around I planned ahead and even made a homemade crust.  I wanted a simple pizza for lunch but Shaun wanted a little touch of meat with his pizza so he added some Italian sausage to his pizza.

ENJOY ~ Meagan

Skillet Pizza

An easy way to cook your pizza by using a cast iron skillet instead of a pizza baking stone.


1 Pizza Dough (Italian Stromboli Dough Recipe)
8 oz. pizza sauce
4 oz. mozzarella, cut into chunks
1 1/2 cup arugula


Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
Put skillet in for 15 minutes.
Flour your work surface and stretch the pizza dough into a large circle. (Does not have to be a perfect circle) Spread out the pizza sauce leaving a little bit around the edge uncovered by the sauce. Lay the cheese on top of the pizza.
Place the pizza into the skillet. (May be a two person job)
Place the pizza on the top rack in the oven.
Bake for 6 minutes and then turn to broil for 5-6 minutes or until cheese is melted.
Top with arugula and serve warm.

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Skillet Pizza


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27 comments on “Skillet Pizza”

  1. This is just brilliant!

  2. So gorgeous!! I love homemade pizza and it’s so cool that you made it in a skillet!

  3. I love your love of pizza. I share it and now will be making skillet pizza ASAP!

  4. OK that’s it. This is the recipe post I needed to finally push me to buy a skillet. I love this!

  5. Now that I have a skillet, I can do this! Score!

  6. I swear I’ve been wanting to make skillet pizza for what feels like forever. Just shove me in the kitchen and make me do it, mk?

  7. Such a smart way to make pizza! Your photos are gorgeous as well. That top one is making me NEED this for dinner. Love that you topped with arugula as well.

  8. This looks SO amazing! I had no idea that you could make pizza in a skillet! I love it :).

  9. Um, this ‘za is GORGEOUS. I’ve had skillet pizza on the brain for months, I need to just execute already!

  10. We love pizza, too! Love the idea of making it in a skillet!

  11. This looks fantastic! Love the arugula!

  12. Skillet pizza is the best! Love this!

  13. Have to try this technique: The crust looks perfect!

  14. I need to jump on this skillet pizza bandwagon! It looks so perfectly crispy and omg I can’t take it – I’m so hungry!

  15. What a great shot of pizza! I’ve tried taking pictures of pizza before. It never goes very well. It always looks so greasy. Next time I’m going to get some green stuff to cover it up. 😉

    And Pizza Hut. Oh my gosh. I don’t care what people think – Pizza Hut’s pan pizza is my favorite food ever. Hands down.

    • Pizza is definitely hard to photograph! I have my good and bad days with photography. Now with the time change I’m going for more good photos. Fingers crossed.

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