I love all types of quesadillas.  When I was growing up, anytime I went to a Mexican restaurant the only thing I would order would be quesadillas.  Luckily, I can say that I have branched out and now I like to try all types of Mexican food.  Did I ever mention that Mexican food is my favorite?!  I served the quesadillas with pico de gallo along with avocado and placed the mixture in half of the avocado shell. ENJOY!!

Shrimp Quesadilla

Shrimp Quesadilla


In large bowl add butter, lime juice, shrimp, 1/2 Tbsp of cilantro and stir until everything is coated
Heat medium sauce pan and add olive oil to the pan
Add the onions, pepper and seasonings to the oil and cook until onions are tender
Once they are done add to small bowl and place in either microwave or oven
Add the shrimp to the sauce pan and cook 2-3 minutes on each side or until shrimp or a nice pink color
Remove shrimp and combine them with the onions and add a couple of dashes of sea salt
Lower the heat on the sauce pan to a low heat and wipe down very carefully with paper towels
Place one tortilla on a flat surface and add a little bit of cheese and then top with onions, shrimp, cilantro and avocado
Place the tortilla on the sauce pan and let it sit for about 45 sec to 1 minute and then top with cheese and place another tortilla on top and flip (Be careful when flipping and its ok if some stuff comes out)
Cook for another minute and remove and do the same with the rest of the tortillas and stuffing

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12 comments on “Shrimp Quesadilla”

  1. Quesadillas are for sure a miracle food….throw a bunch of things inside and whammo…dinner….I love the shrimp, cilantro and spicy peppers!

  2. Mexican food is just the best. This recipe looks wonderful.

  3. I see shrimp quesadillas in my future… 🙂 These sound GREAT!
    P.S. Loved the stuffed cookie recipe yesterday, too!

  4. This looks fantastic~ something I always order out.

  5. I think I just figured out what I’m craving today – these!

  6. These look fantastic!

  7. Thank you for making this a one pan meal. I do the “wipe out” on my pan so that there aren’t so many dishes to wash. Fabulous flavors in the recipe.

  8. Love quesadillas! These look great!

  9. I love quesadillas and I love shrimp…don’t know why I never considered putting the two together!

  10. I love quesadillas, too, and this looks like a delicious one!

  11. I love quesadillas! Adding shrimp sounds delicious. Will def have to try!

  12. These look delicious and to this day my fav thing to order at a mexican place is the shrimp quesadilla!

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