Who doesn’t love soft buttery rolls straight out of the oven?  The smell of bread always overcomes my body.  I think know that I can confess that I love bread more than dessert.  

Who says that?  Me that’s who!
I will choose an extra slice of bread over dessert any day!!!!  Fresh hot bread with melted butter will always be a go to choice for me. 

This past week I received a cookbook in the mail.  I was giddy… like really giddy about Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook.  Shaun loves Ree and Marlboro Man just as much as I do.  (Secretly he just wants to live on a ranch and have their home.)

I mean how cute is she and the food is just like what I grew up on!!!

After spending about an hour thumbing through the cookbook I decided to make the buttery rosemary rolls!  It’s such an easy and quick recipe!  Did I mention that the rolls turned out perfectly with the combination of butter and rosemary.  We can’t wait to start making more of her recipes and believe me they all look delicious!

*I baked my rolls at 350 degrees for 18-20 minutes*

Get Ree’s (Pioneer Woman) recipe here!

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