For the past couple of weeks many of you have asked for photos of either the baby room or of my belly.  Well, I am happily obliging to one request and I will touch on the other later.  I’ve been holding off on her room posts until we had most of it completed.  Today is your lucky day because it’s about 98% done.  We just have to hang her newborn photos on one wall once she arrives.

The letters above her crib were done by my older sister and niece.  This picture does not due them enough justice!

OK, on to the next photo.

We found the huge flower picture from Ikea and it just happened to fit perfectly with our color scheme.  By the way the top color of the wall is a latte and the bottom is a radish color (looks hot pink in the picture).

I am trying my best to start off with a highly organized closet.  In about two months it will probably look a little different!

Here is her bookcase shelf and comfy chair!  The newborn photos will go above the lamp once we take them.

The baby book… enough said.

Lastly, Olivia the piggy bank!  Never to early to start saving for college, car, prom… you get the idea.

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5 comments on “Our Baby Room”

  1. It is precious! I love the bold colors, and the letters above her crib!!

  2. So precious! I love the letters above her crib! Also, the name Olivia is just adorable anyway – on my list of faves!

  3. It looks amazing! I especially love what you did with the two paint colors and the handmade letters. 🙂

  4. So adorable!! I love the color combo!

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