Tucked away in the heart of the French Quarter is the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel. A hotel that has been around for decades and has the history of many historical visits to prove it. The French Quarter is a bustling place hosting Bourbon Street, popular eateries in New Orleans, art galleries and many other hotel options.

We decided on Omni Royal Orleans for our anniversary trip because of the location and great reviews. It sits a block away from Bourbon street; close enough to walk and relive the party days or far enough to enjoy New Orleans for all it is worth. In the distance you can see the river and across the street is the Louisiana Supreme Court building.

Omni Royal Orleans

Walking into the hotel you will be greeted by the bellman ready to take luggage or get you a glass of lemon water on a hot day. Behind him are two staircases to take you up to registration. Most of the hotels in the area have their main areas not on ground level due to hurricanes in that area. Next to registration is the gift office where you can find HOT Community Coffee every single morning. Conference rooms are down the hall and down on the main street level you will find the Rib Room.

Omni Royal Orleans

Don’t be confused because you won’t find BBQ ribs at this restaurant. This restaurant is known for their prime rib and it is something you MUST order when dining here. Behind the main doors and into the foyer you will find a circular bar that will serve guests and visitors justu strolling by. You then step into the main dining room where you will find a fine dining set up at each table. Starting the meal off with warm bread just ready to be smothered in butter and a glass of fine wine. It’s now time to get ready for the main courses. We enjoyed pork belly for the appetizer, grilled romaine salad was my choice along with seared lamb chops. To finish it off we ordered a chocolate dessert with a fresh scoop of vanilla ice cream. My husband enjoyed their house salad and then ordered their famous prime rib. I will attest that it was the BEST prime rib either one of us have ever tried. That’s why I say it is a MUST when eating at the Rib Room. Below the Rib Room are some private dining rooms that host several wine storage rooms for their regular visitors. These are private rooms and many are sound proof so that once the doors are closed you can discuss whatever business you may. In fact Jazz Fest was concocted in these very rooms.

Omni Royal Orleans


Now on to our room which was located in the middle of the hotel. A nice king size bed awaited us with French doors leading out to our rod iron balcony. We spent a lot of time on the balcony just watching the people and listening to the walking bands celebrating many weddings in New Orleans.

Omni Royal Orleans

Omni Royal Orleans Omni Royal Orleans Omni Royal Orleans

On the very top floor you will find the pool, fitness center and bar. You can even take an extra flight to the observatory floor where you can see 360 views of New Orleans. You will definitely want to take in these views of the city because you can see for miles.

Omni Royal Orleans

Outside the doors of the hotel you will find many nearby shops, restaurants and historical spots to visit. In my next series of our trip we will talk about other dining options in New Orleans besides the Rib Room.

Omni Royal Orleans Hotel is definitely a hotel to stay at if you are looking for that Southern Charm and historical feeling. We will definitely be coming back and look forward to our next visit in the heartland of the French Quarter.

ENJOY ~ Meagan

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Omni Royal Orleans.  I reached out to them about our anniversary and they provided a night stay along with dinner at the Rib Room.

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8 comments on “Omni Royal Orleans”

  1. What a lovely hotel! That photo of the long hallway with seating (lobby?) is so enticing, I could just hang out there all day with a book and a little tipple, and my husband would LOVE the Rib Room! This is a place we’d also love to visit! Putting it on my list as I’ve never been to New Orleans!

  2. I can’t even believe I’m 32 years old and have never been to New Orleans! The Omni looks heavenly and I can’t wait to see what you ate!

  3. Just visited New Orleans last month for the first time, and stayed at the Omni! I absolutely loved it, beautiful hotel in the perfect location. Really had an amazing time!

  4. Would you believe I’ve never stepped foot in Louisiana?! New Orleans is on my bucket list big time!!

  5. What a gorgeous hotel! 🙂 It pretty much embodies everything you expect New Orleans to be. I haven’t been to New Orleans yet, but it is definitely on my travel bucket list! And that prime rib sounds amazing!

  6. We stayed at an Omni in Austin and loved it. I can’t wait to visit New Orleans one day and have put this hotel on my list!!

  7. I’ve stayed at Omni Hotels in several cities and have always had a great stay! I love the elegance of the rooms and the restaurants are always quite good. The Rib Room looks delicious!

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