I can’t believe our little girl is almost 5 months.  This post is about 2 weeks late but I still wanted to give everyone an update.  At four months we had her second round of shots and I couldn’t even bare to watch them give them to her.  Once they were done I immediately held her in my arms to soothe her from all the crying she was doing.  Good news is that she a healthy baby girl weighing in at 15 lbs.

Month 4

Olivia loves to giggle when she looks at her dog, Bubba.  These two are going to share a special bond when she gets older.  From day one he has always been at her side checking to see what she is up to and if she is OK.

Easter Photos

The past couple of weeks we had been making several trips down to Houston to visit my mom at MD Anderson (she is at home now.)  Olivia was such a trooper and made everyone smile including my mom.  This photo was taken on Easter Sunday at the hospital.  I have another sister who isn’t in the photo because she had to get back home.  Yes, that’s right I have two older sisters but I have two wonderful brother in laws.

Easter Photos-2

Here is my niece all grown up holding Olivia!  These two are going to be inseparable when Olivia gets older.

Easter Photos-3


What’s Olivia Up To:
Loves to giggle and stare at Bubba (our boston terrier)
Blows bubbles all the time with her mouth
She is still mostly on breast-milk
Wears 6 months clothes
Olivia has found her toes and if she has socks on she likes to pull them off
Still doesn’t care for pacifiers
Starting to enjoy her teething toys and her crinkle paper
Loves to stand up with the help of her parents or play in her saucer


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12 comments on “Olivia (Four Months}”

  1. Ohhhhhh!!!

    Stop the cuteness! It’s too much!

    Ahhh I just wanna tickle her tubby lil baby feets!

  2. SO CUTE!!! Really, she is a cutie. All of your photos are precious!

  3. She’s darling and I especially love the family photo! What a treasure. 🙂

  4. I can’t believe it’s been four months. She’s so sweet!!

  5. Awww, she’s adorable!! Time sure does go fast, I feel like you just had her!

  6. What a beautiful baby!!! Enjoy these special moments!!!

  7. OMG! PRECIOUS!!!! Olivia is growing like my little one, Aleksandra… at 5 months she was also at around 15 lbs. Now she is 10 months, 23 lbs, and 30 inches! 😀

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