Olivia 9 Month

I really can’t believe that Olivia turned 9 months on Tuesday!  This past month flew by with us packing and all for our big move.  I hope she is ready because we are heading out this next Saturday!

Olivia 9 Month-2

Olivia is still highly fascinated with “her” Bubba.  She seems him lick us all the time that every time he comes near her she sticks out her tongue.  I’m trying really hard to make sure that tongue stays in her mouth when he comes by.  Livi also likes to go full steam ahead to the door when the dogs are allowed outside.  She is obsessed with being outdoors which is a great thing because we want her to enjoy life outside and not get hooked on electronics.  Olivia already wants to have my phone and laptop when I have them out within her reach.

Olivia 9 Month-3

As you can see from the above pictures she is just studying the table to see what she can put in her mouth or throw on the floor.  Olivia completely understands when we take things away from her and she sometimes likes to show us that she is unhappy with our decision with biting.  (Man does it hurt when she gets you.)

Olivia 9 Month-4 Olivia 9 Month-5 Olivia 9 Month-6 Olivia 9 Month-7 Olivia 9 Month-8

Today is her last day at Primrose Daycare!  It will definitely be a bittersweet day because she adores her teachers and playmates.  Now its on to Lubbock and spending lots of precious time with her MOM during the daytime.  Until next month…..

ENJOY ~ Meagan

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  1. Oh my goodness, she is just adorable!

  2. She is too cute! I love her little headband!

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