7 month photos

This past week our little Livi turned 7 months old.  I remember the days when she would sit still and I could take photo after photo with out her moving one bit.  Oh those good memories.  Now she is quite the wiggle worm and ALL my photos basically are blurred with some kind of movement.  This is my one still shot of her with the 7 month sticker on her shirt.  One second later and this is what I got.

7 month photos

What’s Olivia Up To: 

She doesn’t like to crawl like a normal 7 month old.  It’s all about doing the worm.
She would rather walk than crawl.
Still doesn’t like anything that I make for her.  She loves Sprouts, Plum and Ella Products.
Hates going to bed or taking a nap.
Hates when we make her cry it out for bedtime or nap.
She has two teeth.
She LOVES bath time and gets so excited when she sees her tub.
She chews on EVERYTHING!
Loves to see what mom is doing in the kitchen.

Here are a couple more photos I captured on Instagram.

PicMonkey Collage


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6 comments on “Olivia 7 months”

  1. How SWEET!!!!! Yes, it’s funny how FAST it goes from EASILY taking their photos to constantly having to track them down:) What a little beauty!

  2. I swear she gets more adorable every month!

  3. Oh my gosh!! She is just too cute!

  4. Ooooohhh she’s so preciouuuus!

    I’ve babysat babies who totally skipped crawling and just moved on to walking, and I’ve read that crawling and walking don’t actually have anything to do with each other (development wise) so makes perfect sense she just wants ta walk! 😛

  5. She is SUCH a cutie patootie, Meagan! Thanks for sharing!

  6. She is adorable and same thing with Christina’s little Jake man!! We had a tough time at his last photo shoot. LOL. She is a beauty! Hope to meet her soon and you too!

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