10 month photos

Yes, it’s true Miss Olivia just turned 10 months a couple days ago.  I have learned so much more about her since I am now watching her day in and day out.

I think she misses having other kids to play with but I think she likes having me all to herself every single day.  Within the next month she should get in to a parents day out program where she will go to daycare twice a week just for a couple of hours.  That will help me out with allowing me to run errands and get things done at home.

Right now we start out each morning by taking a walk through the neighborhood.  Her napping schedule has gotten much better and she actually takes two naps each day that are at least an hour each in length.  Before she was a cat napper and would take twenty minute naps.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 9.29.23 PM

We purchased a red wagon for our neighborhood nightly walks and she is OBSESSED with this thing.  She fights it every time we need to take her out and if she spots it in the garage she crawls over to it.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 9.29.34 PM


Meal time is her favorite.  If you put meat, vegetables and fruit down on her tray she will always gravitate towards the meat first.  She is definitely a mommy’s girl on the food department.  I just ordered her first Halloween costume and I can’t wait to share photos on her next month checkup on the blog.

ENJOY ~ Meagan

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6 comments on “Olivia 10 Months”

  1. She’s so adorable! Thanks for sharing the snaps, Meagan. She’s growing up so fast! Love the Bostie, too. Big fan of Boston Terriers.

  2. Oh those little feet! She is truly just the cutest thing! xo

  3. CUTIE!!! I want to squeeze her cheeks! 🙂

  4. omg I cant wait to see her costume!

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