Guiltless pleasures: book, cabernet and ghirardelli chocolate
Everyone has things that they truly love!  God, my family, my friends and the list could go and on about the things that I love.  I also have my guilty pleasures but today I’m calling them guiltless.  Why?  I shouldn’t have to feel guilty about something that is good for me to have or to enjoy.

My quiet time doesn’t come often enough and when it does I like to treat myself.  If I could sit down every night for two plus hours and just read I would be in heaven.  No phone, no human just me and my iPad, a glass of good red wine and chocolate.  Total guiltless pleasures for me and I don’t get it often enough.

Guiltless pleasures: book, cabernet and ghirardelli chocolate

You have to start off with a good book to read or your night is ruined.  Lately, I’ve been reading Bread and Wine which is all about food and the love for it.  As a food blogger you can’t get much better than that for a nightly read.     

Chocolate — I could go on and on about it.  It should be its on food group.  PERIOD.  This past week I went through several bars of Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate.  I use it to bake with, so why not eat it plain.  The twilight delight is perfect for all chocolate lovers.  It’s not overbearingly sweet and not too bitter, just right.  It even paired well with my cabernet sauvignon.  You can check out more recipes at Ghirardelli.

These three things are my GUILTLESS PLEASURES.  OK you might occasionally throw in a nice hot bubbly bath as well, but I just might fall asleep.

What are your guiltless pleasures?

ENJOY ~ Meagan

Guiltless pleasures: book, cabernet and ghirardelli chocolate

Disclosure: This is a sponsored by Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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4 comments on “Guiltless pleasures: book, cabernet and ghirardelli chocolate”

  1. That book is on my list of airplane reads for Spring Break. With the wine and chocolate, this looks like the perfect way to enjoy it.

  2. Totally agree…should be guiltless…and love all the photos 🙂

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