Graham Cracker A La Mode

Spring break is officially here!  Not sure why I consider this a holiday or vacation because the last seven years I have worked the entire week.  It only counts if you have a kid in school or you are in school yourself.  This break however doesn’t prepare you for the real world of 2 week vacations.

I think we should have an adult week vacation set for everyone.  It would all take place in the month of June or July.  Who is with me on this one??  We can do something tropical or go somewhere in the mountains.

Graham Cracker A La Mode

OK back to reality for now.  I made this delicious graham cracker a la mode for us to indulge in this week.  It can be a tad bit messy but believe me when I say, “It is so worth it.”  Ice cream, chocolate graham cracker, caramel and pretzels in one fine dessert.  Ladies and gentlemen it doesn’t get much better than this.

Today I am guest posting over at Lubbock for Kids.  Hop on over to check out this awesome recipe.

Graham Cracker A La Mode

ENJOY ~ Meagan


Graham Cracker A La Mode

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15 comments on “Graham Cracker A La Mode”

  1. Oh wow! These look sensational. I love graham crackers in desserts – totally underrated!

  2. These sound incredible! Love the salty sweet combo!

  3. Those are just wrong….looks amazing! Salty and sweet is irresistible to me!

  4. Everyone in my family will love this! Thanks!

  5. …MMM I could eat a dozen of those! and I would be sick but no lie they look amazing! 🙂

    check out my recent post: Hot Fudge Cake

    Michael 🙂

  6. So, I’ll take 27 of these, pa-lease? Look killer!

  7. Whoa! This looks like heaven. I need!!!

  8. This ice cream is totally worth the mess! Also I miss designated weeks off. Granted my company does close down between Christmas and New Years but I still wish we had some break in the middle of summer!

  9. Um, YES to the adult week of vacation. I could really use a beach right now! And these graham crackers, obviously.

  10. oh heavens. just….whoa. So many good things going on here! You could totally open up an ice cream sandwich shop!!!

  11. Oh wow, this looks amazing. Pinning.

  12. Best dessert/snack/awesomness, EVER!

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