Happy Valentines Day! I decided to make my sweetie some delicious cake balls.  These treats are really addicting and its hard to eat just one.  This was Shaun’s first time to ever have a cake ball so I tried to make them real special with the valentines decorations.  You can store these in the refrigerator or freezer.  ENJOY!!

1 box of funfetti cake mix
1 can of reduced sugar icing
1 lb. candy chocolate (white or chocolate)

Follow the directions on the back of the cake box
When you remove it from the oven crumble it all up and add all of the icing
Make sure the icing is mixed into the crumbs well
With a scoop make little round balls with all of the mixture
Place in refrigerator for at least 6 hours
Heat the chocolate up and roll the balls in the mixture and place on wax paper
Top with sprinkles while the chocolate is still hot
When done place back in refrigerator until ready to serve

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17 comments on “Funfetti Cake Balls”

  1. So cute! I could see how popping one in your mouth just wouldn’t be enough! :-p I would love a whole box of these, please. Thanks! :-p

  2. Yum! I love cake balls! Great job 🙂 Katrina

  3. Yum. They would never even make it to a storage container at our house!

  4. Beautiful! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. They look great for Valentine 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day, Luv It!!

  7. this looks beautiful and delicious

  8. Love these cake balls! Funfetti is so good too!

  9. Beautiful and looks extremely delicious! Yummyyy!

  10. I think I’m the only one that can’t find the time to get to these! Yours look fantastic – I love everything about them.

  11. Well done on your cake balls! I can’t seem to get the silly things smooth whenever I make them.. but one day 🙂

  12. So adorable! I’d love to receive these on V Day or any day.

  13. Wow, these would make great individual servings. Perfect for a party.

  14. Love the vday theme! Just browsing fellow bloggers cake ball recipes…loving them all 🙂

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