It’s time again for another installment of A Zesty Bite goes behind the scenes.  For the month of February, I probably missed 2-3 “behind the scenes” shots.  I get so busy knowing that I need to get the food on the table so its not COLD or afraid my dogs will snatch something the minute I step back from the food.  Hopefully by March I will have it under control.

February Behind the Scenes


Mini stacked white cake – Picture is taken in my kitchen on an end table.

February Behind the Scenes-

Sun-dried Tomato Olive Bread – Picture was taken on a cold snowy day outside.

February Behind the ScenesRocky Road Cookies – Picture was taken on an end table in the kitchen dining area.

February Behind the ScenesHam and Cheese Croissants – Picture was taken on a stool in the kitchen dining area.

February Behind the Scenes

Shrimp Taco Bites – This was taken in the baby room on top of the dresser.

February Behind the Scenes

Skinny Chicken Mac and Cheese Casserole – Yes, it is on the floor next to a door.

Stay tune for March’s Behind the Scenes!  ENJOY ~ Meagan

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9 comments on “February Behind The Scenes”

  1. Love seeing behind the scenes posts like this!! 🙂

  2. This is such a cool idea!! I am always so curious to see how everyone takes such amazing pictures and works their blog, because I want to get better with mine!

  3. These post are so fun! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey also–could you email me, sometime, where you got the white board that you used for the rocky road cookies?

    • Yes of course. You can get thick white board next to the regular poster board in Target or Walmart. I usually go through several a year from all the stains from food.

  5. I love how seeing everyone else takes their photos! The things we have to do for lighting!

  6. Wow- this is so helpful. I see great shots and always wonder how they are done – and now I know:). Seriously, this is a great series. Thanks for the insight.

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