This Easter Snack Mix is perfect for a quick afternoon pick me up. It has the combination of m&ms, pretzels, cereal mix and other goodies.

Easter Snack Mix

Flashback to 20 years ago.

I would beg or more like throw a temper tantrum in the local grocery store for the latest and greatest cereal. It was usually Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs or anything else just coated with sugar to get my attention. The sad thing is 95% of the time I ended up hating the actual cereal and it would just get thrown away.

Easter Snack Mix

What I do remember with Lucky Charms is that I would empty the cereal into a large bowl and dig out the marshmallows. I mean you would think by now that they would just sell the actual marshmallows because that is what the kids really want. Case in point I bought a box to make this Easter Snack Mix. My daughter instantly sees the box for the first time and knows that she wants whatever is in it.

After seeing her devour a bowl of Lucky Charms, I know that this Easter Snack Mix won’t last long in our house. Typical me I’m putting all the blame on my two-year-old, but my inner kid was dying to make this mix. It’s the type of snack that you can basically combine all of your favorite sweets and get away with it.

Feel free to substitute with other ingredients to make it your own. I would love to know if you’ve made the Easter Snack Mix for yourself or loved ones. Please leave a comment below.

Enjoy ~ Meagan

Easter Snack Mix

Easter Snack Mix


  • 1 1/2 cups pretzel sticks
  • 2 cups rice chex mix
  • 1 cup lucky charm cereal
  • 1 cup Easter colored m&ms
  • 1/2 cup Easter candy corn
  • 1/2 cup Lucky Charms marshmallows
  • 8 ounces white chocolate baking bar


Place all of the ingredients except for the white chocolate into a large bowl.

Put the white chocolate in a microwavable bowl.  Heat at 20 second intervals stirring in between until completely melted.  Pour over the rest of the ingredients and give it a light stir.

Pour over a baking sheet lined with parchment paper to dry for at least 30 minutes.


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18 comments on “Easter Snack Mix”

  1. Love this!! Perfect treat to leave out for the Easter bunny 🙂

  2. This won’t last long in my household either, and I don’t have any kids to blame it on! Just the inner kid, I suppose 🙂 Looks addictive!

  3. Ha! I would throw a fit in the g-store, too! Lucky Charms is the shit! This looks amazing!

  4. My kids would flip for this! SO fun.

  5. I truly could snack on this all day long!

  6. Beautiful photos on this Meagan! Makes me excited about Easter 🙂

  7. so yummy and happy and pretty and perfect for Easter!

  8. haha… brings me back to the grocery store temper tantrums as well. This snack mix is so fun and colorful can’t wait to make it with my little guy!

  9. I love snacks like this…who doesn’t?! Loving all the spring colors in this, too!

  10. Yeah, my daughter’s all over those marshmallow-treat cereals as well, much to my chagrin. I tried so hard to keep the raisin bran interest up, but I guess as long as there are commercials on television, the colored marshmallows will rule for kids. I love your snack mix…um, I mean, she loves it. Yeah, that’s what I mean. 🙂

  11. This is such a fun treat! I love all of the elements you added!

  12. Oh my, this is just the cutest! I love how bright and festive it is, fun bot both kids and adults!

  13. I love snack mixes, especially any one that includes Easter candy! Now I don’t need an excuse to buy more, right?

  14. Lucky Charms were always my favorite. I love this snack idea, so festive and fun!

  15. I’m with you – my cereal of choice was Golden Grahams and it was temper tantrum worthy. This is totally tantrum worthy if I don’t get a bowl STAT!

  16. This reminds me of puppy-chow but so much better with all those add-ins!! 🙂

  17. These look so fun and perfect for this time of year! I was always a sucker for the sugar cereals as a kid too!

  18. Hi, Meagan, this is brilliant! How do you keep it fresh and crunchy if making a day ahead? At room temp in an airtight container or in the fridge? Or does it taste fresh day of?

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