YAY, Christmas is just around the corner!  I decided to make some goodies tonight that would be easy to make for Christmas parties.  Chocolate covered pretzels are always a hit and are popular year round.  I only had on hand dark chocolate but the sprinkles show up better with white chocolate.  ENJOY!!!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

1/4 lb. Fat Free Pretzels
1 lb. Chocolate Candy Coating
Christmas colored sprinkles

Microwave chocolate in microwave for 40 seconds; stir and heat for another 20 seconds
Stir until completely melted
Place a handful of pretzels into the chocolate and stir until coated
Now place pretzels on wax paper and scatter some of the sprinkles over pretzels
Let them stand for at least 30 minutes; store in airtight container

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