Llano Estacado Wine

The time is almost near where the kids will be home from school, sitting around the Christmas tree and just bursting out of their pj’s to open up their gifts. My husband and I will be sitting nearby just watching the pure excitement on their faces. It truly is my favorite holiday and the best time to celebrate our Lord.

It’s also time for me to step away from the computer for a bit to enjoy this holiday with my family. Time spent in the kitchen testing out recipes with no picture taking involved or writing posts. I might just have time for one of these great wines in my hand while I cook.

Llano Estacado Wine

Llano Estacado Wine contacted me about their wines and I couldn’t be more proud to do a post for them. For one reason they are located right here in my city (Lubbock, TX). On top of that, I have a deeper fondness for them as my grandmother lived across the street from the winery for all of her adult life. Whenever we visited my grandmother my parents would walk across the street and stock up on the wines before our trek back home. I also remember my grandmother making baskets of goodies for us and she would also ask if we would share them with the winery workers.

Whether you prefer white or red I’ve got you covered with these two Signature wines.

Llano Estacado Wine

Llano Signature White Wine is the perfect reception wine for your holiday gathering and it easily pairs with a variety of foods like this tomato fan or grilled chicken.

Llano Estacado 2014 Cellar Cabernet Sauvignon is among some of the finest wines this winery has to offer. (My personal favorite too) It pairs well with this Garlic Rosemary Peppercorn Prime Rib Roast or any other delicious red meat.

This winery is located south of Lubbock and is one of the best-selling premium wineries in Texas. It produces 50 different varietal wines to suit the tastes of any wine drinker. Their tasting room is a great place to experience their many offerings or you can check out their site for details as well if you’re not close. You may even see me at a tasting.

Llano Estacado Wine

Stay tuned this next week for a roundup of the MOST POPULAR posts for 2016!

Happy Holidays ~ Meagan

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