Berry Smoothie {Ninja Blender Review}

I swear we have every appliance known to man sitting in our pantry and crowding up our cupboards.  The only appliance we had missing was a blender.  They are such a staple item but we have operated in our kitchen for the past year without one.  The last one we had didn’t even make it a year before it started smoking and went out on us.

A month ago I received the Ninja Ultima Blender from Ninja Kitchen.

Berry Smoothie {Ninja Blender Review}

The day it arrived I was a little ecstatic about the delivery and unpacked immediately to test it out.  I had been wanting a blender for a while so we could make smoothies in our house for us and Olivia.  After our first batch I knew that we would all be huge fans especially Livi.  She may even like them more than us and has even stole the rest of our cups to drink.

Berry Smoothie {Ninja Blender Review}

I can honestly say that we have used our blender almost every day since we have received it.  The ninja ultima blender is now the most used appliance we own and has even gained top counter-space for ease of use.

We love to combine fresh and frozen fruit into our smoothies with a little bit of almond milk.  This berry smoothie is made within minutes of adding everything together in the single blend cups.  My next step is to add greens to the smoothies.  This blender can do so much more than just make smoothies.  You can check out other recipes with this machine right here.

Berry Smoothie {Ninja Blender Review}

One of the things that I really like about this blender is that it came with individual cups and a blade for single to double serving smoothies.  That means there is less to clean up because you can drink straight from the cup.

I highly recommend this blender if you are looking for one.  My only complaint is that the blender is loud when on.  It’s not too bad but I wouldn’t recommend having it on during quiet time.

Berry Smoothie {Ninja Blender Review}

Berry Smoothie


1 cup almond milk
3/4 cup chopped strawberries
1/4 cup blackberries
1/4 cup raspberries
5 ice cubes


Place all of the ingredients into the single serving cup and attach small blade. Place on the blender and mix until smooth.

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Disclosure:  I received a Ninja Ultima Blender to review.  I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are 100% my own.  We truly love our Ninja Ultima Blender.

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8 comments on “Berry Smoothie {Ninja Blender Review}”

  1. I am on the hunt for a new blender. My $15 one from when I was in college is a little junky now. I keep seeing this Ninja and am really thinking about getting this one. [So jealous that they sent you one]

  2. I’m on a major smoothie kick right now and I LOVE the color of this one! I think I have every Ninja product EXCEPT the blender, but I’ve heard awesome things. I love my Vitamix, but it’s also reallyyy loud!

  3. I have to say, I’m a little spoiled because I bought a Vitamix over a year ago—but I’ve heard great things about this Ninja! I’m really jealous of your individual cup!!! Wish I had one of those. It would be so convenient.

  4. This blender is so cute! I love the personal size of it and it must be so handy to make smoothies in. I love the recipe too. If truth were be told, I’ve lost my ‘smoothie mojo’ I had after the holidays and need a kick start with some new recipes. Thanks for yours!

  5. I have heard great great things about ninja blenders! I so need to get one…we would put it to good use, especially now that we have a baby who wants to eat and drink whatever mama has!

  6. We love smoothies at out house! I’ve heard great things about the Ninja…may have to try it for myself!

  7. We had it on our wedding registry last year and were very pleased to receive it as a gift. I cannot tell you how awesome it is! It blends my morning smoothies so fast and smoothly. It is really nice to have the option of the individual sized to-go cups or the normal big pitcher. I recommend it to everyone I see in stores looking at blenders.

    side note- Love the tumblers! We have the same ones on our bar.

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