Do you ever wonder how food bloggers take their photo shots?  What is their set up like?  Where did they take the photo?

I have decided to do a monthly roundup of “behind the scenes” type posts.  You get to see what the set up is and I will show you where I took the photo for that post.

ENJOY ~ Meagan

Behind the Scenes and Failed Post

First up is Mexican Potato Salad which was shot in my daughter’s room on top of her dresser.  Olivia goes to PDO on Tuesdays and Thursdays and those are the days that I get most of my shots in her room because of the natural lighting.  If only she knew!

Behind the Scenes and Failed Post

Pepper Jack Steak Enchiladas were photographed outside on top of our trashcan.  So sanitary right?  It was gorgeous outside so the shoot got moved to the outdoors.  Oh and my daughter was home for the day.

Behind the Scenes and Failed Post

Heart cakes with White Drizzle Glaze.  OK I have to admit that too much light got into this photo but I didn’t have the time to put up a sheet or to deter the light a bit.  My opinion is the photo doesn’t do these babies justice.  They are cake balls shaped into hearts with THREE ICINGS in the recipe.

Behind the Scenes and Failed Post
This would be a “behind the scenes” photo of a failed post.  I decided to bring out my creative side and do a DIY mug.  I had good intentions with this mug but in all reality it’s just not cute.

Behind the Scenes and Failed Post
Olivia decided she needed to be ON my lap while shooting a photo for the failed mug post.



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3 comments on “Behind the Scenes and Failed Posts”

  1. awwwww Livi 🙂

    and this has just made me realize…again…how much I need to improve my photography! gah, when we move!

  2. Love the behind the scenes stuff-isn’t it funny the lengths we will go to for a great shot?

  3. oh the joys of trying to get that perfect shot.. I appreciate you sharing what goes on behind the scenes of your photo shoots… I can totally relate…. Sometime an idea sounds good, but then doesn’t really work out as well as hoped.. I just posted a recipe that took me 3 tries to get right. It can be frustrating, but so worth it in the end!

    thanks again for sharing this!

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