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Love is a strong word!  I also feel that there are different types of love.

  • My love for the Lord.
  • My love for Shaun.
  • The love for my parents, siblings, family and friends.
  • The love for my pets.
  • The love I have for food.
  • And my newest love for Olivia!

I truly believe that each of these that I mentioned above have a different meaning of love to me and to others.  It’s hard to believe how much I can care for a human being and want to do the BEST thing for her (Olivia).

Now on to Olivia….
~ She loves to sleep during the day and have her parents rock her to sleep at night.  The instant we put her down in the crib she starts to wail until we pick her up.  Once we do she gets the biggest smile on her face, basically saying I fooled you into thinking I was really crying I just wanted you to pick me up.
~ She loves to make coo sounds.
~ She loves her A&M pacifier.  I have bought her the expensive pacifiers but she prefers the A&M one over anything.
~ She loves bath time.  If you really want to see her have a good time the bath is the best place.
~ She loves to go on car rides just so that she can sleep some more!
~ She loves to lay on her dads chest to take a nap.
~ She loves the adorable outfits that her mother puts her in.  (At least I think she does)
~ Lastly she loves her mom and dad!

Until next time ~ signing off Olivia & Mom!



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7 comments on “All About Olivia….”

  1. D’awwwwwswww!!! Love this 😀

    Also, I totally had a dream last night where we met. It was awesome.

  2. Aww! Thanks for sharing. She is so precious!

  3. What a little doll! Enjoy your blessing 🙂 One day, she will be cooking for you!

  4. Oh, the cuteness! I love that photo!

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