Braised Short Ribs

We have both wanted to make braised short ribs for the past couple of weeks.  Our weekly mail consists of coupons, bills, and an endless amount of food magazines.  Not only do I have a big addiction to all types of food but I love looking at other bloggers creations along with food magazines.  I receive a lot of inspiration from these products.  There’s a good possibility that I watch a lot of cooking shows on a daily basis.

When I started this food blog I was exploring the web checking out other food bloggers and I stumbled upon Pioneer Woman’s website. I fell in love with her style of cooking and her humorous side.  Every Saturday I have her show DVR’d so I won’t ever miss an episode.  Shaun and I are both in love with her ranch and mostly her kitchens.

You can’t forget her dog Charlie!

Well when we got home from the grocery store with the short ribs in stow Shaun took to the Internet to find a good recipe.  After searching many recipes he liked Ree’s recipe the best.

WOWZA………. These braised short ribs were so tender and fell off the bone while picking them up from the pan.  They are full of flavor and are perfect when paired with vegetables and mashed potatoes.

Shaun made a few minor adjustments to the Pioneer Woman’s recipe.  Instead of using pancetta we used bacon just because we always have it in on hand.  The only other adjustment was that he left the carrots out of the recipe as well.


To check out the recipe let me take you to Ree’s website!

Braised Short Ribs -


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  1. These look gorgeous! I love that you served them over mashed potatoes!

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