Israeli Couscous with Pine Nut-7

Couscous….  It’s such a strange little word. When I used to talk to family about couscous, more often than not, the response was always a question as to what exactly is couscous.  It’s definitely not a common meal especially when you come from a small town

Buttery Beer Bread-8

People always ask Shaun and I if we have any recipes that fail or if something just doesn’t work out.  My answer is a simple, HECK YEA.  Martha Stewart even makes mistakes but its those mistakes that give you better recipes.  As a food blogger and recipe developer I’ve had many recipe fails in...

Veggie Pizza Bites-8

Can you believe that August is almost over! I feel like the summer just fly’s on by and that I don’t really have one anymore since I still work five days a week plus some weekends.  I swear either Shaun or I need to win the Lottery soon.

Jalapeno Stuffed Chicken-5

SHARK WEEK IS HERE! I am so terrified of these creatures yet I am highly fascinated with everything to do with sharks.  I blame the terrified part on my two older sisters who made me watch Jaws at the tender age of 5.  This fear has been with me ever since, so when I...

S'more Cookies-10

This was the first weekend in a really really loonnnnggg time where we had nothing planned.  You have no idea how nice it was waking up past 9 and realizing we could lounge around the house for the next couple of hours in our pajamas.  I talked Shaun into taking me to The Woodlands...

Virgin Sangria-3

See!!!  I told you I would provide you with a nice refreshing drink to help cool you off.  Well at least it is helping me at the moment.

Taco Dip-2

I can’t believe it’s August.  To me it feels like Summer just started and I’m not sure I want it to end. My skin is still pasty white….kind of like the cheese in the photo.  In fact the cheese might actually be darker than me.  That means I have about a month left in...

milky way cake-7

YAY for Grandmothers! I feel that the best and I mean BEST recipes come from our relatives or friends that have been passed down for several generations.  This recipe comes from my grandmother’s cookbook.  Who wouldn’t love milky way bars or any type of candy in their dessert.  Sign me up every-time!