How are you measuring flour?

Measuring Flour -

Are you aware that there is a proper method to measuring flour?  A recipe can actually have a different outcome just by the way you add your flour to the recipe.

Most people add flour by scooping it up in a measuring cup from the bag and then shaking it a little before adding it to the dish.  (Don’t worry I’m just as guilty)  There are two proper methods of measuring flour.  The first is to get a spoon and move the flour around in the package and then with that same spoon scoop the flour into the measuring cup and then level with a knife.  The other  method is to measure the flour on a food scale if a recipe calls for a certain amount in grams or ounces.

I did a test to see how big of a difference measuring flour could be.  I used all purpose flour and filled 1 measuring cup.

Measured Flour

The difference of flour can have a minor or major outcome to the final product and it can also make you wonder what you did wrong.  A recipe is not going to tell you how the originator measured the flour but going forward just assume that they measured it by using a spoon to scoop it into a measuring cup or by weighing it.

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  1. I always, always, always measure flour by weight. It produces consistent results, and I actually find it faster than measuring by volume.

  2. Wow what a big difference. I didn’t think the methods were that differnt. I think I better spoon my flour in from now on!

  3. I always assumed it wouldn’t really make that big of a difference, interesting!

  4. I keep my flour in jars and always pour it into my measuring cup and shake it to level. It has to be better than just scooping compacted flour from a bag? Lol. Maybe I need to do my own test to find out.

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