Green Giant ~ Veggie Snack Chips Review

I was highly intrigued about these Green Giant veggie snack chips.  However the name threw me off and I wasn’t quite sure if these chips were going to hold up like a regular chip.  The day arrived where I received my shipment from Green Giant to try out these chips.  I walk into the house to find my husband already half way through one of the bags.  After a short lesson to him about how I need to take photos and blah, blah, blah he kindly put the bag down. (The chips you see in the picture was the only thing left in the bag.)

I was able to try out the rest of the garden ranch veggie chips and they were AMAZING.  Hence why my husband probably devoured the whole bag before I got home. (Chips you see in the pictures were the only ones salvaged for photos.) These chips have a combo of roasted bell peppers and ranch flavor.

Green Giant ~ Veggie Snack Chips Review

Both of these chip flavors can be paired with hummus or salsa.  My favorite combination is eating them alone or with pine nut hummus.  I’m actually off to the store tomorrow to go stock up on more of these chips.  My next chicken or fish just might get crusted with these chips.  Oh the possibilitlies…..

Now I just have to keep them away from my husband.  I don’t do many product reviews but I will say this product is really good if you love some chips!

ENJOY ~ Meagan

Green Giant ~ Veggie Snack Chips Review

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  1. Interesting, I’ve never seen them before! I’ll have to keep an eye out.

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